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"The landlord of a hotel was apt to be a man of consequence and standing in the community. As a class they were generally respected and were often called to hold public office when it was a distinction to hold public office, as marking the esteem and respect and confidence in which one was held by his fellow citizens. "(George Bedford - Early Recollections)

December Court Session 1788 - Tavernkeepers
The following persons are recommended to the State Executive Council as fit persons to keep houses of public entertainment for the ensuing year:

Jesse Fell
John Paul Schott
Abel Yarrington

By Location
Northampton Street
(at northeast corner present Washington)
Jesse Fell (Sign of the Buck, Fell tavern)
River Street
(between Northampton and South)
John Hollenback Inn (old Red Tavern)
Arndt tavern (Sign of the Ship)-Washington tavern (1818)
River Street
(between Market and Northampton)
Abel Yarrington's ferry tavern
Arnold Colt (1813 )
George M. Hollenback (Phoenix Hotel, 1831)
Maj. Orlando Porter Manager (Phoenix Hotel, until 1837)
Capt. William H. Alexander, Manager (Phoenix Hotel, 1837)
P. McCormick Gilchrist, Manager (Phoenix Hotel)
Wyoming Valley Hotel (built 1865)
River Street
(north corner at Market)
Thomas Wright tavern (before 1800)
Mr. Hurlbut (manager, before 1800)
Market Street
(west side, between Franklin and Public Square)
John Hancock (after 1802)
Market Street
(west side, between Franklin and Market)
George Kocher, Jr. (Red Lion Hotel)
George Kocher, Jr. (1840)
Henry Pettit and Beisel (White Horse Hotel , 1840's)
William Beisel
James Conner
Thomas Hutchins
James H. Phinney
Market Street
(north west corner at Franklin)
Dennis Hotel (1828)
Col. Jacob J. Dennis (Sign of the Heart, 1844)
Col. H. B. Hillman (Eagle Hotel, 1849)
North Main Street and Square
(west corner)
John Paul Schott public house
Jonathan Hancock (Free Mason's Coat of Arms)
Thomas Duane (old red tavern, until 1805)
Carpenter (Pennsylvania Arms)
George P. Steele (Pennsylvania House, 1837 - 1841)
Jacob Bertels
George P. Steele (Luzerne House, built 1852)
Capt. B. F. Wells
East Side Public Square
Arnold Colt - Boarding house & Tavern, 1814)-Aechippus Parrish (1817)-Aechippus Parrish (White Swan, 1822)
Oliver Helme (1824)
Aechippus Parrish (Burned, 1830)
Packet Boat Hotel (until 1839)
Samuel Puterbaugh (White Swan. 1839)
Samuel Puterbaugh (Exchange Hotel, bulit 1855)
Fort Durkee
South Side Public Square
(corner of Market)
Aechippus Parrish (Black Horse Hotel, 1840's)
Henry Petit (1840's)
South Side Public Square
Joseph Slocum (American House, built late 1850's)
George F. Slocum (American House, 1860's)
Bristol House (after 1880)
South Main Street
(east side, between Northampton and Square)
Abel Yarrington (Wyoming Hotel)
Jacob Bertles (Wyoming Hotel, after 1850)
North Main Street
Paul Dunn (Hibernian)
Canal Street
Peter Groghan (North Branch)

About 1870 the principal hotels were the Wyoming Valley, conducted by J. B. Stark; the Luzerne House, conducted by Sylvester Bristol; Exchange Hotel, M. J. Philbin; Bristol House, Laycock Bros.; White Horse Hotel, trustee of the late L. B. Perrin; Washington Hotel, John Raeder; First National Hotel, Capt. J. Quinn; North Wilkes-Barre Hotel, W. P. Gardner; Mansion House, T. L. Kemmerer; Forest House, Alvah Perrin; VanLeer House, N. Farr.